Discovering... Ulverston


Discovering... Ulverston & Surroundings

A 64 page guide to the delightful South Lakeland market town of Ulverston, and its Low Furness surroundings. Includes a free Photo-CD!

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The Hoad Monument, on Hoad Hill, memorial of Sir John Barrow.

    There is a rich variety of places to discover in and around Ulverston, and this guide introduces each with a concise description. Pre-historic sites can be found, unique and fascinating buildings dating from the 12th century right through to the present day abound. Open panoramas, high moorland, quiet tarns and a wide, sweeping bay with treacherous sands - all within a few mile radius.

    Read about Ulverston's arctic explorer, early monks, Quaker founders, a renowned QC and a famous comedian, all closely connected to Ulverston. The guide rounds off with a selection of short local walks to enjoy.

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Market Place, Ulverston

    Free Photo-CD! Contains copies of the pictures in the booklet, in full screen size, in full colour. View and print them out with the friendly browser, on a pc.

    If you are visiting Southern Lakeland this year, make a point of visiting Ulverston at the head of Morecambe Bay, and having a look around the area. You won't find the crowds and busy roads of many other places in Cumbria, but you will find a lovely market town, with cobbled streets, alleyways and ginnels, and a good range of friendly local shops. Not only that, there's lots to do and see in the area - the country's shortest and deepest canal, the nearby shores of Morecambe Bay, easily accessible uplands with outstanding views, charming little villages.

All described in Discovering... Ulverston & Surroundings

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The old Lock Gates, Ulverston Canal

Topics Included
The guide is divided into sections covering The Town (Ulverston), The Outskirts, The Surroundings, and Short Walks, describing the following topics:

The Town
About Ulverston, The Auction Mart, The Banks, The Brewery, The Coronation Hall, The Start of the Cumbria Way, Daltongate and Toll-Gate House, The Festivals Town, An early Hi-Tech Factory, Lanternhouse, The Market Town, The Mills, The Birthplace of Lord Birkett, The OddFellows Hall, Ulverston Parish Church, The Railway Station, The Birthplace of Stan Laurel, Ulverston Town Band, The Town Crest, The Post of Town Crier, An Ulverston Miscellany, A sketch map of the Town,

The Outskirts
Ulverston Canal, Conishead Priory and Chapel Island, The Hoad Monument and Sir John Barrow, The Leven Viaduct, Plumpton, Quiet Lanes, The Rope-Walk and Rope Making, Swarthmoor Hall

The Surroundings
Sketch Map of the Surroundings, Bardsea, The Birkrigg Common Panorama, Gleaston, Great Urswick and Little Urswick, Greenodd and the Crake Valley, Traces of the Iron Ore Industry (Lindal), Kirkby Moor, The Lime Kilns, Morecambe Bay, Sea Wood, The Stone Circle, Birkrigg Common

Short Walks
Birkrigg Common and Bardsea, The Canal Tow-path and Plumpton, Gill Banks, Greenodd and the River Leven, Strolls on Hoad Hill,  Newland and a Circle of Hoad Hill, Exploring Sea Wood, near Bardsea

All topics are illustrated with black and white photographs, which are included on the Photo-CD in full colour, in full screen size. The covers are printed in colour.

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