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Code DUN-01 The Bridge at Ulpha

                                               Ulpha Bridge-200-Pict0006.jpg (12776 bytes)


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This was once a boundary crossing between Lancashire and Cumberland, and the River Duddon is typical here, changing from rushing shallows to deep silent pools within the space of a few yards. The grass on the river bank near to the former packhorse bridge is closely cropped by the sheep to a soft carpet, making this a very pleasant spot to linger on a sunny day.

Code DUN-02 The River near Ulpha

                                                River near Ulpha-200-Pict0008.jpg (14457 bytes)


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A stone stile on the 'Lancashire' side of the bridge provides access to a riverside path, where the river can be followed upstream for several hundred yards. There are many delightful stretches such as this one, where the waters tumble over moss-covered stones.

Code DUN-03 Long Dub

                                                 Long Dub-200-Pict0010.jpg (14431 bytes)


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The riverside path from Ulpha can be followed as far as Long Dub, a deep pool beneath a sheer rock face. Here Wordsworth imagines a love-lorn maid who drowns after diving for the reflection of a primrose on the rock wall.

Code DUN-04 The Sepulchre

                                                Sepulchre-200-Pict0017.jpg (9969 bytes)


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This little enclosure is a Quaker burial ground, and lies on the valley slopes beyond Birks Wood, above Ulpha. The lonely group of pines look over a magnificent aspect, with the massive crag of Wallowbarrow in the background to the right of the trees.

Code DUN-05 Birks Bridge

                                                 Birks-200-Pict0023.jpg (12837 bytes)


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Another spot which inspired Wordsworth, who called it a 'sunless cleft'. On the far side of the bridge, upstream, the river is forced in a noisy torrent through a rock cleft barely two feet wide, but on this side flows into deep silent pools.

Code DUN-06 The River below Birks Bridge

                                                    River near Birks-200-Pict0028.jpg (15619 bytes)


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A few hundred yards downstream from Birks Bridge, the Duddon starts to descend into a quarter-mile long gorge, surrounded by trees and bathed in dappled sunlight.

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